Lordz Io

[Enter] – Chat
[O] – Dragon
[I] – Barbarian
[U] – Archer
[Y]- Knight
[T] – Soldier
[R] – Tower
[E] – House
[Space] – Split Army

Build strong army and destroy the fortress in the middle of the map to win. Build gold mines to generate gold and towers to defend your houses.

Lordz.io : About The Game

Lordz Io

Lordz io is one of the best strategy games that you can find today online and I will try to tell you why you will become addicted to this game when you start playing it. If you don't like strategy games, I would recommend you not to play the game because it is based on the basic rules of strategy and warfare. The game is created in medievel style and you have to become the lord of your own village. Your primary mission is to conquer the gold mines and generate some gold to be able to build houses,defensive towers and troops. The game is very popular all around the world, it has many different servers where you can play against real people all around the world. You can go solo or create a team and ask other players to join it. The strong alliance can secure your territory and give you enough time to build a strong army. More gaming strategies you can find below.

How To Play Lordz Io?

At the beginning of the game you control your lord but you have no money to build houses or train troops. Your mission is to collect enough gold to place your first house. The more houses you have - the higher is the limit of troops. Each player can place only 10 houses and when you fully upgrade them you will be able to create army consisting of 1000 units. Keep in mind that gold is the most important thing in this game so building mines is important. Each player can place only 5 mines. Keep in mind that you can upgrade to mine to make it generate more gold. There are three stages of upgrades for the mines : Silver,Bronse and Gold. Upgrading the mine to the golden level cost a lot of money but it is worth it. Now let's talk about the defensive stractures that you can use to secure your houses and mines. There are two types of towers : Archers Tower and Mage Tower. I can't say which one is stronger and prefer to use them together - for example 3 archers towers and one mage tower to defend my mines and so on. Those towers can also be upgraded : the higher level of the tower is, the more power it has.

Now I would like to tell you about the troops. There are several types of troops and all of them differ from each other. As for me, the winning strategy is to use all of them but sometimes when you have not enough gold, you can start build a weaker army with soldiers and later generate some dragons and trolls. You will also notice that some troops are better for the defensive battles while others like trebuchet is great to strike the enemy's towers. The final mission of the player is to destroy the fortress in the middle of the map but believe me, it is not an easy task. The fortress is surrounded by the defensive towers and can make a lot of damage to your amy so don't ever try to strike it unless you have more than 500 warriors. There are also some special bonus cards which can give you additional boost of skiils, for example speed boost, or gold boost. You will need a lot of time to unlock all the cards but it is worth it. Enjoy the full version of the Lordz at our website for free.

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